Upland Animal Hospital is open 7 days a week. Our Veterinarian is available Monday through Sunday. We are closed major holidays. We offer bathing, toenail trimming and grooming (only for medical reasons) with or without sedation. We know the cost of pet care is a concern, so therefore we always provide estimates for services and will explain in detail about recommended procedures beforehand.

Even though Southern California may not be endemic as far as Heartworm infections in dogs, we have never the less diagnosed the parasite on a number of occasions in dogs from this area. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and live in the heart of dogs, less common in cats, and cause symptoms of heart failure. The parasite is easy to prevent, much more difficult to treat. We recommend Heartgard Plus which is a chewable “treat” that is given once a month for as long as you want your pet protected. We recommend Heartworm testing once a year; even in dogs that are current on Heartworm prevention.

New puppy or kitten? We offer a free health checkup when your new dog or cat is adopted from a shelter. A physical exam is required for vaccines if the pet doesn’t have a current exam. Exams are good for 1 year.

Intestinal parasites, “Roundworms” that look like spaghetti, unfortunately are very common in dogs and cats; especially puppies commonly are infected. They are either born with the worms or they get the worms shortly after they are born through their mother’s milk. Also worms transmit easily from puppy to puppy in the litter. Worms can also easily be picked up later in life from the environment for example from the dog park or from cats hunting rodents.

Roundworms can be particularly dangerous because they can cause significant disease in people, especially children. Puppies should be “dewormed” at least monthly and adult dogs at least yearly. Do note that Heartgard Plus not only kills Heartworms, but also intestinal Roundworms. We recommend stool exams for parasites regularly in puppies and kittens and at least yearly in adult dogs and cats. Keep in mind that because your pet’s stool looks “normal” to the naked eye that is no guarantee that your pet does not have “worms”. This is a very common misconception amongst pet owners.

We offer significantly discounted Wellness Programs, for the life of your pet to help manage your pet care cost. California State law requires that all pets get an annual exam by a Veterinarian in order to refill a prescription.

Remember that pets often will “hide” problems that therefore can go unnoticed for an extended period of time, almost to the point of no return. This is especially the case in cats living in multi cat households. To keep a watchful eye on the overall health status of any pet especially middle aged and senior dogs and cats, we recommend annual blood tests and urine analysis. That way early signs of kidney and liver disease and for example diabetes can be detected and addressed appropriately in a timely manner ensuring a good quality life for an extended period of time for your pet.

We recommend spay and neuter of all dogs and cats not intended for breeding. Not only is it indicated for health reasons, it also tends to keep your pet more “at home”. Spayed pets will avoid uterine infections and have a lesser likelihood of developing mammary gland cancer later in life. Neutering eliminates testicular cancer and makes prostate problems much less likely.

Vaccine recommendations are custom tailored to each pet, and depend on degree of likely exposure and owner preference.

Microchips are a great way of, not only getting your lost pet back home again if picked up by an animal shelter or a Veterinarian’s office, but also is a no nonsense way of ensuring correct ownership; much more reliable than any photograph can do. The chip is injected under the skin in the back of the neck between the shoulder blades and is so small you cannot see or feel it.