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Winter is a wonderful time to spend some quality time with your pets. Read below for some great indoor and outdoor options!

  • Dressing appropriately: During the winter time, your pets may get cold just like you do. If you plan to visit places with icy or snowy weather, you can keep your pets warm with pet sweaters or booties. Don’t keep them outside in these kinds of weather for extended periods, especially if they’re not used to it. Also, be sure to remove the sweaters and booties when they come inside the warm house so they don’t become too hot.
  • Outdoor Activities: You can do things with your dog(s) like: hiking, playing in the snow, or give them some nose work – hide treats/toys in the snow for them to sniff out and enjoy.
  • Some fun trails to hit this winter: Etiwanda Falls, The Claremont Loop, and Ice House Canyon. Ice House Canyon is a great snow-filled trail located in Mount Baldy. Be sure to check weather conditions before visiting some of these trails to ensure the safety of you and your pets.
  • Indoor Activities: Puzzles or sniff mats are great to keep your pets mentally stimulated indoors. You can snuggle up for a movie night. Teach your pets a new trick. Doggy daycare. Dog-friendly shopping or restaurants.
  • For those local to the Inland Empire: Victoria Gardens shopping center has many stores that welcome your furry pets. If it’s too cold to be outdoors, try a local Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops, or even a Barnes and Noble. While these stores are typically very dog friendly, it’s always best to contact them before your visit as individual stores may have different policies